Dear Client,

We are excited to share you the news about our new payroll services starting from January 1st, 2016. We have upgraded our payroll process to a more efficient and secure automated system. With this new system, we will be able to provide you a complete managed payroll service and free you from all your payroll worries!

What’s New?

The new system replaces cheque payment to direct deposit; saving you time to write, sign, and distribute the pay cheques, and ensure your employees get their pay securely from your bank account to theirs.

The paystubs will still be viewable for you, and each employee will get their own encrypted paystubs directly in their email.

Your payroll related remittance (CPP, EI, Tax Withhold, WSIB and EHT) will be done automatically for you as well by transferring the amount from your bank account directly to your government remittance account, no more worries of late remittance, penalty, and payment going to wrong account!

ROE will be issued online when we receive your request at no extra charge. Online ROE will be sent to Service Canada directly; simple, quick, and secure.

T4 service is also included in our service charge. The T4 will be emailed to your employees directly at no extra charge. This saves you time and free you from the trouble of their address change and return mail.

What’s Next?

Our payroll service will be completely converted to this new program starting January 1st, 2016.

If you’d like to continue and move forward with our new payroll service, please sign and return the attached three forms back to us before December 21, 2015. We will assume that you do not require our payroll service anymore if we do not receive your feedback in time.

Fill and sign on the forms and mail to