Rest easy in the knowledge that you have an accountant who is working hard to decrease the amount of tax you legitimately need to pay.

As specialists in Canadian taxation, we advise individuals and business owners on their tax affairs based on their figures. We work closely with clients in various industries in the Greater Toronto Area meaning we’re well-placed to help local businesses grow against their competitors. Our Taxation services include:

Personal Tax Services

  • Personal tax returns (T1) for Residents and Non-residents 
  • Tax Return Adjustments, Appeals, Reviews and Relief 
  • New immigrant or Canadian Emigrants Tax Returns 
  • Voluntary Disclosure Program Application
  • Tax Planning, Business Plan and Loan Application 
Corporate Tax Services
  • Corporate Tax Return (T2) Preparation and Filing 
  • Professional Corporation Tax Returns 
  • Tax Return Adjustments, Appeals, Reviews and Relief 
  • Trust Returns (T3) 
  • Annual Notice to Reader Financial Statements 
  • Year-end Adjustments 
  • Corporation Tax Instalment Remittance 
  • T5 and T5018 Preparation and Filing 
  • Salary vs Dividend Analysis and Recommendation 
  • SR&ED Application

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